Raw Eggs

What makes eating raw eggs dangerous?

I have lived in the US for quite a while, and have encountered many Japanese friends craving for “raw edible eggs.”  Although I’m not a huge fan of raw eggs, there are certain dishes that make the food incredibly delicious with the mixture of fresh raw eggs, especially, sukiyaki.  I did find a way to secretly find the right eggs in the US (I will not disclose this information here, as I was told that this is a top secret), and why Japanese raw eggs are said to be safe.  (I have not done extensive research about this field, so please feel free to correct me by sending me personal messages!)


Please excuse my limited knowledge about why and how non-Japanese eggs cause stomach problems, but per a few articles I have read online, salmonella is the leading cause.  So, eggs sold in Japan are mostly, if not all, are edible raw and bacteria-free.  Some eggs are especially made to be served raw.  You might wonder, why Japanese eggs are safe, and others not.  It is said that the hygiene management in Japan is extremely strict for most bacteria to survive.


How to eat raw Japanese eggs

When you visit Japan, one of the first things you should do, is grocery shopping.  When you do, you should look at the eggs lined-up neatly on clean shelves.  You rarely see any of them cracked or crushed.  The package is very secure, completely sealed with usually a tape that shows that it has not been opened.


I personally recommend topping a Japanese raw egg on a spicy dish or sometimes even to bring the temperature down on a boiling bowl of ramen noodles.  According to doctors, Vitamin B can easily be destroyed by adding heat, so if you are health conscious (or a big Vitamin B fan), Rocky Balboa style with eggs bought in Japan that are made for raw use, would be the best way to absorb as much of that Vitamin as you want.


Now, if you become a true fan of raw eggs, drip some fresh soy-sauce and mix the egg with chop sticks.  Cover that on top of rice, and enjoy with a slurping sound!  If you can do that, you are a step closer to eating natto.

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