Go-kon: Japanese style group blind date???

It’s something only people living in Japan would know. If you just come around for traveling few days you would never know there is something like this! It is like something very common that I believe around 95% of Japanese would once have had this kind of experience in their life.


I have been here for almost 3 years already and I have known a lot of Japanese people probably a lot of more than other international students here (who cannot speak Japanese) If you have have a lot of friends and relatively good-looking, there must be people asking you to join, for example, a dinner saying there will be their friends coming as well. And most of the time, it turns out to be this kind of blind date party mainly to introduce friends to friends. Until now, I kinda get and realized Japanese really love this thing!!! This “go-kon” firstly came from university students to the first jobbers (actually even until 30s-40s)


I have asked a friend when he asked be to bring a friend “why you gotta do this?? this is weird!! Can’t we just hang out like normal?” I mean in my country blind date is kinda very very rare. But Japanese do it like all the time. Their answer was “If you don't do, how can you get to know new people then?” Ummmm yeah you're right but if in Thailand maybe from school, works, bar to tinder? But in Japan this kinda friend-introducing system is the most popular. I guess blind date might exist in other countries too but it wont be in kinda fixed “form” like in Japan.


The rule is there will be the “heads” one girl, one boy agreed to invite their “same sex” friends for a same particular number. Now you might check their Facebook first to see if they are “qualified” or not lol or sometimes it could be just some casual asking like “next time you should bring your friend along, ill bring too.” I was so innocent and asked “ Can I bring a guy.” They gave me “NO” face and explained when they ask like this, it means you should bring a girl friend and introduce to them. It is literally Go-kon which is usually used with three pairs or more.


Actually the purpose might not always be finding lovers or romances but it can be just having more fun because hanging out with only guy friends or girl friends could be a bit too boring. But still the funny part is they need to go in the same numbers lol so Japanese.






When everybody gathered, they will start with self-introduction (in Japanese pattern again lol) and what we can tell is they will sit opposite, one side girl, another boy. YOU CANNOT MIX OK LOL sometimes you have to switch in order to get to know other people too.


Actually I have never done a serious Go-kon like more than 3 pairs but only 2-2. Its more like introducing. And i need to scan before seeing in real hahaha




But the day before, i was about to be tricked into a huge go-kon like seriously. So this guy I know from an event about start-up business asked me to join a dinner saying that there would be some head hunters/recruiters joining and wanting to introduce to me. And I only needed to pay 1000 yen which was strange cuz usually getting into Izakaya I pay around 3000 yen already. When I arrived there I only talked to a girl in front of the place and we got in together but we were stuck at the door because I could feel that was not right. More than 20 people (pretty young and look not professional) in that room. Girls one side, Guy another side…and the guys were looking out here like hungry tigers. I couldn't hear what they wear talking about but the atmosphere and everything said this is not what I expected..So I only stopped there with that girl whom felt the same. we were there for half an hour and decided to leave together lol We got money back but IT WAS SO FRUSTRATING! I wasted like 3 hours for this! And i don't actually need this thing at all. Just only a wink, i got them all.




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