Julia Teaches Manners at a Japanese Pub/Bar

There are some peculiar rules and manners you should learn before entering a traditional Japanese pub.  I hope you all will enjoy the atmosphere of these traditional bars and pubs as you will look natural by learning from watching these videos.


Check If You Need To Take Off Your Shoes When You Enter!




When entering a Japanese restaurant or traditional pubs, you need to check if they allow you to where shoes inside.

There are restaurants that allow shoes, but some don’t.


If you can’t tell, ask at the front desk, and waiters will guide you politely, so you just need to follow where/how to place your shoes.


When Ordering Your First Drink, Remember The Magic Words, “Toriaezu Beer”!



From long ago, many Japanese ‘salary-men’ order beer by saying “toriaezu bi-ru (beer)” without even looking at the menu.

This is the prime time for them to ease and release stress from hard working hours ; )

* It is not rude at all to order what you really want to order, so please don’t hold back!


Even If Your Drink Arrives First, Wait For The “Kampai”!


Japanese people value peaceful human relationships (mostly).

Do not start drinking alone, even if your drink arrives first.  Wait for everyone to hold the glass, and call-out “kampai” (cheers) and enjoy!


I would also like to introduce a manner that would impress your Japanese drinking buddies.

If the restaurant/pub serves you bottled beers, pour in their glass first!

When you pour beer for them, with the label upward, they will be extra surprised and impressed 


Don’t Be Surprised With The Un-Ordered “Otoshi”!


In Japanese traditional pubs, with the spirit of hospitality, a small dish, called “otoshi” will most likely arrive to every person at the table, before ordering your food.

This is a Japanese culture, so it is very natural to have these.

Depending on the restaurant, you can actually tell them not to serve you with such service dish, however, it is polite to accept these as “tips.”


How To Use Chopsticks



As most of you know already, chopsticks are given to each person connected.

You will need to carefully separate them where it will not bother others.

If you break it with full force, you may hurt people sitting beside you, so watch out!


Please Check Our Manner Videos!

Please view Julia lecturing an Extractor Editorial Department guy with no manners.


 ■Taking off shoes, and kampai rules


 ■Otoshi rule, and how to use chopsticks



there are many rules in traditional Japanese pubs, but enjoying your drinks should be your top priority, of course.  You just need to know the basics!

Enjoy your time at a Japanese pub! (^_^)



Extractor所属のJuliaです。 関西出身だから人を楽しませることが大好きです。 関西のおすすめスポットや日本の文化、コスメなど日本の魅力を楽しくお伝え致します。