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Julia Teaches Manners at a Japanese Pub/Bar


2017-03-14 18:25

There are some peculiar rules and manners you should learn before entering a traditional Japanese pub. I hope you all will enjoy the atmosphere of these traditional bars and pubs as you will look natural by learning from watching these videos.

These things are everywhere! Introducing Japan’s Antenna Shops!


2017-06-15 08:39

If you want to buy goods from one of the various locales of Japan but you rarely leave the city you are the exact kind of person to which we’d like to introduce “Antenna Shops”!

Three capsule hotels and the reasons you MUST stay in one when you visit Japan: from all-you- can read manga to first class luxury!


2017-05-28 12:00

A friend and I recently chatted online when he was planning a trip to Japan. “When looking for cheap hotels, plenty of capsule hotels came up on the results. What are those?”

Go-kon: Japanese style group blind date???


2017-04-23 12:11

It’s something only people living in Japan would know. If you just come around for traveling few days you would never know there is something like this! It is like something very common that I believe around 95% of Japanese would once have had this kind of experience in their life.

Shadowverse Steps Out of Hearthstone's Shadow


2017-03-17 22:26

 “Shadowverse” is Cygames latest international mobile hit; a collectible card game in the vein of “Hearthstone” and “Magic: The Gathering”. It is gaining popularity among streamers outside of Japan and is becoming a common topic of conversation among competitive gaming enthusiasts. 

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